About me

My name is Aleksander Jaworski, I'm a Senior Android developer working for FootballCo. The conference talks I've given are available in the talks page.

On this blog, I'm writing about the things I've learned along the way in order to share my knowledge and help other developers in need. Currently, my focus is on Kotlin Multiplatform and Testing.

Courses I've been a part of:

  • I'm a co-author of the Android Next Level Course which focuses on processes outside of coding like: CI/CD, scaling your project, good git hygiene or how to cooperate with your teammates. If you're interested in an English version, checkout my courses page. 
  • I've also contributed to the Kotlin Unit Testing Course for Kotlin Testing, where I talked about testing Apollo GraphQL.

I've worked on some side projects like:

  • Fuller Stack - The project contains 2 client platforms (Android and a Kotlin React.js app) both of which use a Ktor server as their back-end.
  • Timi Multiplatform - Multiplatform app for Android and iOS for tracking time (Currently put on hold)
  • AiAssistant - Compose Multiplatform app for Android, iOS and Desktop. It's a pet project for my own needs, so it requires some backend endpoints, which doesn't fit everyone's use cases.

If you're enjoying my content and would like to chip in for the server costs, consider checking out my Kofi:

If you have any questions about my posts, projects or anything else, feel free to contact me on twitter or using the form below.

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