Android Next Level

A course about processes outside of coding like: CI/CD, scaling your project, good git hygiene or how to cooperate with your teammates

Have you ever wondered how you can learn processes outside of coding like, good git practices, CI/CD, team cooperation?

Usually such things don't have that much presence, and if there is information about it, then it is really spread out across multiple sites. Most of the time these processes are learned when joining a new team and usually only by word of mouth.

Because of this bad learning experience Me, Jarek Michalik and Mateusz Teteruk, wanted to create a course for topics which don't focus on coding in Kotlin or writing UI in Compose. We wanted to touch on material which doesn't have that much presence on the internet but is still important for Android Developers.

This course is called Android Next Level, it contains topics like:

- Improving communication between your team members (e.g Code Review)- How to set-up you CI/CD to be improve code and app quality- What to do when Gradle is giving you trouble- How to analyze your users behavior with Google & Firebase Analytics- How to scale your project infrastructure and reduce manual work- Increasing efficiency while working IDE's like Android Studio or IntelliJ- Creating your own Backend for Frontent
next level #androiddev
wskocz na wyższy poziom Android developmentu

The course is currently only available in Polish, however if you're interested in an English version, let us know by joining the waiting list, you can also write to us about what you'd like to learn but is missing in the agenda, or what price you'd be willing to pay for such a course.

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